Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A to Z, are we nearly there yet!

Are we nearly there yet.
A to Z, you haven't beaten me yet...

Though look at this fall off in views for April
Is there anybody out there?

It's not all because you think the DSG is boring, and I have failed to convince you otherwise.

March was a big month for me. 

On the 9th March Tim at Gothridge Manor very kindly awarded me his Newbie Blogger Award
Then I was lucky enough to team up with Alex Schroeder and found the Links to Wisdom wiki. Luckily for the wiki, it has been championed by many others, not least Daddy Grognard who ran the logo competition for the wiki, which was won by Anthony Hunter of Battleaxes and Beasties.

The wiki gave me lot's of hits, if only from association with its founding.

The biggest drop off in views has probably come for a reason totally outside my control.

For my Christmas message I gave 10 Chosen Ones of Prophecy from film and novels. It became my number one hit!
Why? For this picture...
Anakin (yawn) Skywalker

A staggering 5300 hits, nearly all from Google Image search for the A man!
Next best for me is, B/X Indiana Jones with just over 1000 (and yes there is a picture of Indy, so who knows if anyone is reading and not just trawling for images.)
3rd best, 300 odd hits, my well regarded (mentioned by Tim, when he awarded me the Newbie Blogger Award), Acquirement and a Silver Based Economy.

So what's happened. Up until April, if you searched Google Image Anakin Skywalker I used to make the top 10 images!!!!

But I have been usurped, which doesn't bother me since I usurped someone elses image originally.
Now the Lightsaber Wiki makes the top 10 with this image. And my hits in April - they have fallen.

And who cares... I'm still here and I have four more AtoZ posts to make!


  1. I am down about 1,000 total unique hits from the same period in March, but I wrote a lot more in March.

    I have heard that some people were not reading some blogs because they were participating, but that seems rather pointless to me.

    I am still in the game though! I need to rewrite my "Y" post, but my "X" and "Z" are ready to go.

  2. Thanks Tim, I look at the AtoZ thing as I have at least created a resource and enticed many people (that's total hyperbole - has anyone?) to buy the DSG from eBay. WOTC, people may have paid you money if you let them buy it legally!

    I've certainly enjoyed your posts Tim. That's why I have moved you down from my AtoZ blog list and into my regular - so I can keep reading your stuff!

  3. Want some google supremacy? Do a post on Xagya and Xagyi... Seriously, do a google search on those terms, you will see what I mean. I haven't even done my post on them yet, just mentioned them in a random encounter table, and I'm already dominating the list... LOL

  4. comments are the real love. I'm still reading, for one.

    Ironically, having passed up this challenge has tempted me to do a couple of abecedarian series of posts. Maybe I'll make each a single post, though...

  5. @ Justin - looking forward to Xagya

    @ Richard - comments are what keeps me going. Better than followers or hits. Only one thing better; your post featuring in someone else's blog post. Only happened a few times, but I still get startled and immensely pleased when I discover it.