Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Q is for Question: Digging for Gems in the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

Rather than give you a gem today, I have a question that needs answering. There is a mystery illustrator in the DSG that signs himself/herself with a c surrounded by a circle.
Who's C? I don't think it's just copyright, and this illustrator did lots of pics in the DSG. The illustrators listed for the DSG are: Doug Chaffee (is it him - C), Greg  Harper, Jim Roslof and Jeff Easley.

Heres's the example I gave when I asked the same question in my F is for Fungus post.

If you look at the bottom right you will see the c

HERE IS ANOTHER, bottom left

Gems you should GIVE
1. Who's C


  1. It is Doug Chaffee. Easely, Harper, and Roslof have their own different styles.

    If you need further proof he was also the only interior illustrator credited for GAZ 2 "The Emirates of Ylaruam" and the images in there are marked with the same symbol.

    Hope this helps :)

  2. Always been fond of the first pic. Now we know who did it.

  3. @ Ndege Diamond - mystery solved and gem taken. Many thanks.

  4. Hi there! Dropping by from the A-Z!

  5. Glad to be of service.

    Keep up the great work on the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide retrospective/idea gleaning posts. We never really used it back in the day, so I'm enjoying the highlights you are providing.