Monday, 11 April 2011

I is for Isomorphs: Digging for Gems in the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

Cutting it fine for today's I post, 2 hours before J!

But honestly I can't get excited about this one.

6 pages on how to make isomorphic maps using:
They even give the prices!
So you can do this

To finally make

Okay, that's pretty cool but really, a bit beyond me.

Gems we should take
1. Isomorphic mapping advice (maybe)


  1. When I first saw this I remember thinking this was so cool too, but like you say, a bit beyond me. I'd love it if it I had the talent to do this though.

  2. @ Bard - I'm with you it is still beyond me.

  3. how many commercial products contained this kind of thing? Did they say how to make your squares proportionally shorter as they get farther away from the viewer (smaller in the Z, as we computer graphics oldies used to say)?

    There aren't many bits of RPG material that I could confidently say have become "outdated" but this is one: if you have the free time and energy to do this you should probably do it in sketchup instead. Not that I think perspective drawing is dead or anything like that, just that for the puposes of a harried DM, 3D models that can be rendered from multiple viewpoints are probably more useful and fleible and no more work.