Friday, 15 April 2011

M is for Mining: Digging for Gems in the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

Care for mining, Roslof did.

Let me give you a taster of how much...
Mining headings/topics in the DSG
Where to Mine
Types of Mines
Excavating a Tunnel Mine
A Table on Mining Rates in cubic feet/miner/eight hours by race: gnoll/halfling/human: 75 for very soft, 50 for soft, 25 for hard, gnome/kobold, goblin/orc, dwarf/hobgoblin, ogre, hill giant, fire giant/frost giant, stone giant: 500 for very soft, 350 for soft, 175 for heard

The maximum number of miners that can work in a 10-foot wide tunnel
16 little people
12 humans

A table on Mineral Vein Direction and another on vein path alterations
How to shore a tunnel, better if an 18/50 strength to move the braces without help.

Products of a mine
- Mining Products
- Gemstones (see my G post)
Quality of Mine Products
Calculating the Value of a Placer Mine
Smelting Ore
Finishing Stones
Duration of a Mining Site (d100 man-weeks rolled in secret, if doubles are rolled, roll again for d100 man-months, if doubles are rolled again, roll again for d100 man-years)
The Claim
Hireling Loyalty
Natural Hazards - flooding and cave-ins
Unnatural Habits (anyone reading this?)

8 glorious pages on mining?

Gem we can take
1. If you need some mining rules - here be good ore


  1. Hmm. Yanno, I think you may have turned my 180. I'm actually kind of lamenting that I don't have a copy now.


    - Ark

  2. Now I'm curious. Does he deal with coal gas or other toxic minerals? Mine infrastructure? How to recognise a mine and know what was being mined? The special hazards of mines, bracers of mineral left behind to keep exhausted seams and galleries open, legendary creatures native to mines, like the Cornish Tin Knocker...

  3. @ Arkhein - it's pretty cheap on eBay

    @ Richard - I'll get back to you on those questions but as I am going away on holidays tomorrow, and I'll be lucky, very lucky, to make my AtoZ deadlines, give me a week.