Friday, 24 December 2010

Chosen Ones of Prophecy - A Christmas Message from the Jovial PRIEST

After the big JC, who's birthday we are celebrating today, I was thinking how His story has influenced our love of the Prophetic Chosen Ones in Fantasy and Science Fiction. In no particular order I present 10 Chosen Ones of Prophecy (all are men sadly):
Anakin Skywalker
Harry Potter
Richard Rahl
Rand al'Thor

Paul Atreides
Aragorn (less prophesied than the ONE long awaited)
King Arthur, who like Christ is prophesied to return again.

Merry Christmas from the Jovial Priest

PS I'm not a real priest.

PPS I am role-playing one.  Should that surprise any of us?


  1. I'm glad I found this post! I really wondered if you were a priest, since we have an Orthodox priest who blogs D&D.

  2. @ Theodric - in 5000 hits since Christmas you are the first to leave a comment. My thanks. Sorry not a priest but I am a practicing Christian (protestant variety) and D&D'er - go figure.