Monday, 6 December 2010

Melee Weapon Damage (5) - Critical hits

In response to Beyond the Black Gate's recent post this was the comment I left:

The Jovial Priest said...

Natural 20 = maximum damage.
Contemplating adding JB's 'cleave' to the natural 20. When a character embroiled in melee with multiple opponents does more than enough damage to kill a foe, the extra damage can “carry over” to additional opponents.

Natural 1 = minus 1 for the party's next initiative roll.
Cue loud grown from the table for a natural 1. It's a cumulative penalty. Cue even louder grown if a second player rolls another 1.

Only humanoid monsters receive benefit/penalty for natural 20 or 1. It's how we fight. The same way a human character can not do claw/claw/bite.

Jovial Priest said...
And yes I spelt groan wrong!

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  1. I informally use the "cleave" rule on crits. -- it's not officially in my house rules, but I invoke it frequently anyway.