Friday, 20 April 2012

R is for Rockslides: Hitting the Trail with the Wilderness Survival Guide

Rockslides, Avalanches and Mudslides

Is like being attacked 4 times / round for 1d4+1 rounds by a 5 HD creature doing 1d4 damage each hit. Dex check to half damage (minimum 1 damage).
I like the concept of the rockslide being like an attack.
If more than 20HP are taken, you are swept off your feet and take abrasion and impact damage (? how much - see complicated tables on falling)

If climbing, a shield will deflect an successful attack 75% of the time, assuming the shield can be readied. 1 round to ready shield if strapped to back. 1/2 round (?? 5 segments then?) if shield carried on one's belt.

Vertically falling rocks onto a climber - each character attacked by 0-3 rocks per round for 1-2 rounds at 7HD, doing 1-6 damage, if damage roll is 5 or 6, blow to the head, 2 blows = unconscious.

Anyone caught in an avalanche will take 2d10 to 3d20 hit points damage.

So effectively every normal man dies, Which is an interesting problem with our abstracted hit points when we try and give challenge for high level play, we would kill off any other human / demi-human in the way.

Ah, but if you curl into a ball, you can half the damage.

Pass a bend bars or be swept away.

Whatever the case find yourself buried in 2d3 feet of snow (4d3 if bottom of the slope). Make a constitution check to see if conscious. If conscious dig out at 1' / round. If curled and passed bend bars, you will know which way to dig, else pass wisdom check, or dig in the wrong direction!

Hold breath may be important here. 1/6 constitution in rounds (rounded up), since no chance to take a deep breath - normal deep breath hold = 1/3 constitution, half that if no deep breath.
Luckily 1d6+4 round of air, in an air pocket, will be available to breathe on first.

Chance of finding a buried companion - base 10% plus intelligence score + 25% if companion trying to dig out. Roll once for each searcher and each companion missing. Check every round.

Dig the com anion out at 2' / round or 3' / round if using an implement. Each extra character digging add +1' / round.

Will be carried down with the mud unless can grasp something solid and not moving.
Abrasion damage depending on how far fell.
See yesterdays post for swimming in mud.

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