Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P is for Precipitation: Hitting the Trail with the Wilderness Survival Guide

Sort of like the weather outside. Rain rain go away...

The WSG index has:

collecting - maths formula for volume in a cylinder, melted snow to water ratio is 10:1,

determination - coming soon W is for weather

effects on combat - will make the effects for gusts and gales worse

extraordinary - rain that goes on and on

extreme - Hail, Sleet, Lightning, Snow (interesting just descriptions and timings for how long the precipitation will last - not really linked to mechanical effects)

portable shelters - covered in C is Camping and Comforts, with the moisture resistance for certain types of tents and shelters.

(quick post today)

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  1. We'll have yours if you don't want it, what with the drought we're meant to be having.