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M is for Mounted Combat: Hitting the Trail with the Wilderness Survival Guide

Mounted Combat

Pages 47-48 deals with flying mounts, with a number of tables giving mount, encumbrance limits for normal load and max load, with move rate, manoeuvrability class with a rider or with a load and stamina. And rules for chance of falling from the flying mount. Base chance of 0% sounds good, until +1% per wind mph, +2% per Dex or Str less than 12 (plus many others); and all checked every 3 turns. I vote for the fully strapped in -200% chance of falling.

I would have liked to have seen a check required if damage taken and at +1% chance of falling for every hit point damage to mount or character.

Page 86
Land Melee combat from a mount
+1 to hit unmounted opponent if same size
0 modifier if unmounted opponent larger size
-1 to hit unmounted opponent if smaller size

Unmounted attacking mounted, -1 attack. If 'to hit' is exactly what is needed to hit, mount hit instead. (Interesting, realistic?)

Swooping flying attack is made at +2.

Missile combat from a mount
Requires riding proficiency for that mount.
- 1 attack if mount moving less than half full movement rate, -3 more than half full movement rate, -5 more than 3/4 full movement rate; in addition to any penalty for range and visibility.

Falling from a mount (example if mount killed) rider takes 1d3 damage, and the rest of that round and the next, is used getting their bearings.

Jousting - a natural 20 will dismount opponent, (riding proficiency to save).
Similar chance an unmounted opponent dismounting a mounted, if weapon 5-9 feet in length. Natural 16-20 and weapon greater than 10' will dismount opponent.

Pulling an opponent from their mount, attack roll at -4. Again riding proficiency check to avoid dismount.

See the next post for the dreaded N is for Non-weapon proficiencies.

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