Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J is for Jumping: Hitting the Trail with the Wilderness Survival Guide

Anyone who has followed my blog over the last year will know that jumping rules are a bit of an obsession with me.

It all began on the 12th April 2011, J is for Jumping, in Digging for Gems in the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide.

And continued here and here and here.

So I was pleased to see that the WSG, has jumping rules (page 39), which are directly reproduced from the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, showing some degree of cohesion. High Jumping rules are a new addition.

The rules are based on level and describe standing broad jump, running broad jump, and high jump (which wasn't in the DSG).

I reproduce here for discussion purposes.

While level based jumping rules work in a table, provided they can be easily accessed by the DM, the rules still feel rather clunky.

And unrealistic.

Level 1-6 and can't jump a 10' gap, yet under 13 girl record is 16'. Male world record 29'.
Ideally therefore a range of 16-29 feet, for running broad jump.

Hence my obsession.

So my current stab is:

Running broad jump in feet = 2 times movement rate (if using inch scale).
0 Level = -1d6 feet
1st level and above = dexterity check to avoid -1d6 feet
eg Lvl 2 character with move 12" = running broad jump in feet = 24', roll dexterity check, if fails subtract 1d6 x1' from 24'.

I toy with exploding dice, so that if 6 is rolled, roll another d6 and subtract the total. Evil.
I allow higher strength to increase encumbrance limit, which keeps movement rate high, and allows strength to effect jump distance.
One could allow increases in distance with level if non-weapon proficiencies are used, or simply 1' for every 3 levels.

Standing broad jump in feet = half times movement rate (inch scale).
0 Level = -1d2 feet
1st level and above = dexterity check to avoid -1d2 feet
eg Lvl 2 character with move 12" = standing broad jump in feet = 6', roll dexterity check, if fails subtract 1d2 x1' from 6'.

Thoughts on jumping rules???


  1. I use Stephen Innis' "Short Hops and Big Drops" article in Dragon 93 for our Flashing Blades campaign - the article uses STR + DEX to come up with a jump number that gets doubled or halved depending on standing, running, horizontal, or vertical leaps. Mr Innis's articles are being ripped over at Grognardia these days, but in my experience these rules work really well because each character has just one number to manage that covers a lot of situations.

  2. Hey thanks. Some of my iterations were Str + Dex.

    Care to reproduce the rules in your blog?
    Or outline more detail as a comment in mine?

    1. My conversion to Flashing Blades is in the house rules section of my campaign wiki.