Tuesday, 29 March 2011

House Rule Wiki Update

Alex and I (mostly Alex) have added some general advice to editing the wiki.
You can check this out here and here.
Alex has also added some advice regarding the Site License.

There still feels to me an enormous enthusiasm for the wiki. One way this is demonstrated is by the spontaneous creation of logos for the wiki before Daddy Grognard has even started a competition!

Check out these three!
Anthony emailed this beauty from Battleaxes and Beasties

OR this evocative logo by Greg Christopher from Errant's
OR this one by Arkhein from Rather Gamey's designed to complement the colour scheme of the wiki

Now I have little to no artistic skills. I always imagined an owl in chains, you know links to wisdom....
OK an S&M owl probably won't prove popular which is a very good thing I am not in charge!

The plan is to run a competition as to be organised by Daddy Grognard and judging by the poll in my blog - 100% of the responses has been for everyone to be able to vote.

Don't prejudice the vote my casting an opinion on these three excellent potential logos, BUT have you seen another out there, or in there waiting to be created?

It does raise the question as to the name of the wiki.
ON one hand it already has a name in the wiki URL - Links to Wisdom - Alex can answer how easy that may be to change.

Temple of Wisdom I think came from Zak S but for the life of me I can't find the spot now. Maybe I am mistaken.

Roger the GS from Roles, Rules and Rolls suggested to me he preferred the more self-explanatory "The OSR House Rules Wiki"which is how I keep describing it in my posts. So I am kicking myself for not having that name in the poll. I have added an add on poll to bring out this option (see right) but I fear we may have to poll again. Hopefully Alex will just say - too late, it can't be done - you are stuck with what you've got.

On a final note for tonight I have joined the April 2011 A to Z Blogging Challenge. I had a typical Jovial Priest in depth narrow subject matter theme in mind, but then wobbled with all the excitement regarding the wiki - with delusions of grandeur over a wiki A to Z highlighting my favourite links..... BUT THEN
I thought, I don't want to be the wiki man.

In my very first post I ever made back in October 2010, after months of deliberating, will I, won't I start a blog and risk potential shame and ignominy; I said, "In my own small way I hope I can offer something back to the OSR, which has rekindled my 2nd love [D&D, Star Wars being my 1st]".
With the wiki I hope I can say job done.

That doesn't mean I won't be posting about the wiki, I love it, but I am very glad others are posting about it as well, Daddy Grognard will run any logo competition, and many many others are making links into the wiki every day. It is starting to feel it belongs to us all.

Don't just think it, link it.


  1. You know, I like the idea of the wiki, but then I'm looking at the list of recent changes, and I see that entries are being deleted. Can someone explain why links to tables and stuff are being deleted when the links aren't duplicating material that is already linked to? Maybe you need a "Misecellaneous" category for tables and things that don't fit into the categories that already exist.

    Who is decided what is "appropriate" content? Who is deciding what gets delted and what doesn't? A bit more transparency would go a long way. I haven't added any links yet because the kinds of things I would add are the kinds of things that are getting deleted.

    Sorry to air this on this post, but I don't see a place on the wiki to pose these questions.

  2. That's a concern Matthew. Are links being deleted or moved elsewhere? I've certainly been moving links to more appropriate areas but have yet to delete anything. Having looked at the wiki multiple times per day I haven't seen anything permanently go. Has anyone else?
    If you can remember anything specific, Alex may be able to track it down when and where it was deleted.
    I hope people will use the Summary area when they edit to explain any change they make.
    In the end the wiki is open access. It will live or die by that. If someone wants to be malicious and every day delete large chunks of the wiki - it will die. The alternative is a closed wiki where only a select few can 'edit'. If I wanted that I could create the same in my blog over time.
    Keep us informed of any other deletes you come across. You can post concerns in the comments section of the wiki. Hopefully some one will notice.
    A Miscellaneous category has some advantages but it could just become a dumping ground. Is there any logical heading that comes to mind within the Moldvay/Cook structure that your links might fit into?
    It's all very new Matthew, I hope you feel it remains a worthwhile attempt at a democratic OSR project.

  3. I think I might have inadvertently coined the phrase Temple of Wisdom in my post on the quest for a logo. I was being figurative but it seems to have taken on a life of its own.

  4. I WANT AN S&M OWL! Someone has got to be able to draw the thing!

    Or make a plush one.

    - Ark

  5. If you look at the "all changes" link on the Recent Changes wiki page, you can see that some content was being deleted, and it wasn't moved or hasn't reappeared yet. Maybe this is just routine maintenance, or maybe they were screwed up links or something. That said, it'd be nice to have the editorial process clarified so we know what we should add. If we go through the trouble of adding material only to have it deleted, why should I post it there instead of on my own blog where I know it will persist?

    I'm all for the wiki, by the way. i'd just like to see some more ground rules.

  6. I'm in a quandary. I'm certain http://www.philotomy.com/ should be on the wiki.. but where?

  7. It's no problem to rename the wiki. There's one condition to be met and one drawback to incur, however.

    The condition is that the name has to be a single word and "TheOSRHouseRulesWiki" looks weird. Right now you can bookmark a link and by default it will be named "Campaign Wiki LinksToWisdom: Monsters" -- what single word would you have instead of LinksToWisdom?

    Actually, this pushed me to try and use an "unbreakable space" instead of a normal space, and it works! I'm surprised by my own softare, haha. Check it out:
    Campaign Wiki The OSR House Rules Wiki: HomePage.

    Ok, the URL looks very ugly, but maybe that's not too important.

    That brings me to the drawback: We'll loose all the link mojo of the existing links!

    Then again, I guess we could write redirects for all the existing pages to the new pages on the other wiki. That'd be an effort of maybe twenty minutes at most.

    So we can have our cake and eat it, too?

  8. @Matthew: Whenever I noticed that links have been removed, I found one of the following two things:

    People were editing the list like crazy, overwriting each other's changes. The software tries to merge edits if possible but sometimes edits will conflict and there's nothing to be done about that. I did check the initial edits where this was quite common and added a lot of links back in.

    Alternatively, I've seen people delete a link in one place only to add it elsewhere (and sometimes they added it elsewhere first before deleting it), so I didn't see much data "lost".

    Lastly, maybe people are deleting a link because they found a duplicate elsewhere and decided that the other link was better placed.

    If none of the above, I have some suggestions one the wiki (not something that will be read by all, obviously) on the wiki maintenance page.

    Maybe that page can serve as ground rules or at least as a process suggestion even if they're not always followed?

  9. @migellito: I actually added a link to "The Dungeon as a Mythic Underworld" to the "Preparing and Running the Game" page a while ago. Or remove the anchor to the dungeon section and move it up to the "General Advice" section on the same page?

  10. @ migellito - Philotomy certainly should be in there, I thought he was but can't find currently. Maybe he's been victim of an accidental delete. I would link individually to one or three or ten (if inclined) of his classic pieces of advice as once you get to one you can see all the rest.

    @ matthew - I hope things settle down in the wiki creation and editing, but if security of links is important to you, then your own blog will be safest. Perhaps the wiki will best serve you as a place to visit and find interesting links in the first place. But go on link to something, and see what happens. Good luck