Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The OSR House Rule Aggregation Site - She LIVES

Click OSR Links to Wisdom to go straight there!
It's only three days since I grumbled in my post about my frustrations with blogging as a READER and avid CONTENT follower.

And in three days OSR Links to Wisdom has been created by Alex Schroeder of Old School RPG Planet .

What's it's purpose.

1. A repository of links to blog posts / or forum posts that clarify a rule or propose a House Rule

2. All organised around the B/X Moldvay/Cook contents page template.

3. A wiki where anyone can add a link to a post.

So go on - check it out, add some links, and place in your blog list.  

Honestly it's very easy to edit - it looks like this:

* Introduction
** What is OSR LINKS TO WISDOM All About
** How to Edit this Site
** Definitions of Standard D&D Terms
** Use of the Word "Level"
** How to Use the Dice
*** [ The Order of the d30]
** How to "Win"

Each * equals a heading hierarchy.
* Section heading
**  Subheading
*** Sub sub heading

I added the link into the Order of the d30. It was a piece of cake!

Get to it!

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  1. I'll see if I can link my Adventure for Every Monster series sometime today. What about a section for Hooks? I have some neat stuff on my blog that could do with an outing. And would Saturday Night Fight Club go with the Monster section?

  2. All fantastic ideas - but I don't have the answer - just do it!
    My thought is we try and keep to a Moldvay/Cook contents template or it will soon turn into a big pile of shite.

    Ideally the readers could vote on the worth of the links. I will have to ask Alex if this is even possible but that's for a future when there is 20 posts on dual weapons. That reminds me to add B/X Blackrazor's dual weapon post in....

    What I am most excited about is how easy it is to add the links in and create subheadings. I thought it would be impossible for a non computer guru.

  3. I think that once we have twenty posts on dual weapons, we should move the entire weapon chapter on to a separate page. That would also minimize edit conflicts, hehe.

    Automatic voting and all that doesn't really work for a wiki -- and voting also carries the entire baggage of vote early, vote often, popularity of authors instead of articles, and so on. I'd rather use RPG Stackexchange for this kind of thing. They have voting, moderating, scoring, and all the rest in place.

    I think what would work better on a wiki is one paragraph opinions written by various people, miniature reviews, if you will. They could appear on the same separate page with the list of twenty dual weapon alternatives.

  4. Awesome. I will be able to add something in about 2 weeks. meantime, should link to Alexis' same universe wiki and DM Muse?

  5. @ Alex - Well at the very least I now have a place where my favourite House Rule Links are stored. You're the man for deciding how it should work in a technical sense. I think you are right about voting - too much emotional baggage.

    @ Richard - Alexis' Same Universe is an awesome resource. Added the link. DM Muse was new to me. It's got some cool DM generators. I added a link to the weather generator, feel free to add some additional links into the wiki.

  6. @ Alex - Placing OSR Links to Wisdom into my blog list is taking me to

    What am I doing wrong?
    Off to work now.

  7. Well, in a way the software is right. If you want to see what's new on a wiki, you should be checking RecentChanges. In our particular case, we might be better off sending people the HomePage, though. We can think about changing that once we start splitting the big list into multiple pages.

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  9. It seems like it's a little screwy now:
    I added some Appendix N stuff and it went through, then I added some monsters and it keeps reverting.

    Did I do something wrong?

  10. Wow, that's craaaaazy!! Just check out the page history. Sometimes there are people saving the page every few minutes. I'm not surprised that we're stepping on each other's toes.

    My suggestion would be to split things up into different pages. What do you think?

  11. I moved two sections from the end to separate pages. What do you think?

  12. Actually, considering the number of edit conflicts that we had, I decided to move all sections to separate pages. The main page now doesn't look as impressive as it did an hour ago, but hopefully this will spread edits around a bit more.

  13. Wow wow wow. I go to work and come back and the sites doubled in size.

    Alex I think you give me far too much praise in the introduction - you're the man who built it. In the end for the House Rule Wiki to live - everyone needs to feel they own it.

  14. Okay, just rewrote the introduction to share the credit more evenly.

  15. A thought: would it be possible for the wiki to let people know when they've been linked (like pingbacks in blogger/wordpress). That might be an effective way to spread the word about its existence.

  16. Maybe just post a comment on the post you linked? It's nicer to get a comment from a real person than just a ping back.