Saturday, 5 March 2011

And who 2d6's wins.

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Tonight I hold Session 2 of my KotB campaign.
Not sure how many of my players are going to turn up or if they are just coming for the KFC.

From my recent musings on XP and level advancement - it all depends on what incentives the DM wants in his/her campaign.
Monster killing  =      more XP for monsters
Exploring          =      more XP from treasure
Good role playing =  XP for role playing
Getting into the action and not holding back = Alexis
Turning up to each session = level advancement for sessions played eg Old School Psionics
Turning up to each session but with a random advancement = roll to advance level system from 

Since my campaign is not going to be long I want to incentivise turning up for each session but keep a random element. Therefore I have decided on the last option except I favour a 2d6 system.

2d6 feels more B/X
2d6 does not have a flat probability curve like a d20 increasing 5% per level
2d6 makes intelligence bonuses for XP more effective - it will never be a dump stat again with this system. No need for XP bonus in percent from intelligence just use the straight bonus!

My system (rough and being tested first tonight)
Level 1 advancement rolled at the end of each session
Cleric and Thief                              10 on 2d6
Fighter                                            11 on 2d6
Dwarf, Halfling and Magic User       12 on 2d6
Elf                                                   13 on 2d6

Intelligence bonus
+1 per session played (DM may award only 1/4 or 1/2 bonus instead of +1 at DM's discretion per session)
+1 bonus for each level the median party level is above the character (this allows more rapid catch up and could be explained by mentoring of the lower level character) 
- 2 if hireling or retainer

For levels above 2, I am yet to decide but I suspect I will just add 1 to the roll required.

On the 2d6 note I am totally signed up to Dyson's 2d6 thief, with favoured skill. Thanks to Carter Soles and Spawn of Endra for highlighting the system. I just need a thief in the party to enjoy the system.


  1. Long live 2d6b mechanics! I'll be eager to hear how this works out for level advancement distribution.

  2. This may be the most outside-the-box rule I've ever seen...and I think I love it.

    Has it worked well?

  3. @ LokiSooner - yes actually. My players were newbie's but all took to the rule and it certainly made DMing easier (no XP calculation) and the last roll of the night was the most important one.

    In terms of incentive it was surviving the session rather than gold acquisition for XP that motivated the players.

    That said I only ran a three session game. One player rolled bad and was still 1st level, the rest were second. About right given a traditional XP gain for KotB. How it would play out over a longer campaign, is something I would be eager to know myself.

    All up I would happily use this again. Thanks for finding this old post.