Friday, 25 March 2011

Do you want a logo?

The OSR House Rule Wiki: Links to Wisdom is growing rapidly. 

Daddy Grognard asked about a logo for the wiki.

I asked Alex and his response was: Yes, the wiki can have a logo. The One Page Dungeon Contest, for example, has a log in the top right corner:
If you want to try it, you can find instructions on how to do it on the advanced info page:

I suggested to DG that he make a call for artists on his blog.

And he has. Quicker than I could make the following comment.

Because, I wonder If the House Rule wiki is to grow it needs to be seen as not my or Alex's site but everyones. So though I will follow with interest - count me out of any judging/commissioning group. I'll let Alex speak for himself.

So I wonder if along with DG we could ask, some big OSR bloggers to judge if we have more than one offer for creating the logo. Jeff Rients and Zak come to mind as both were very supportive from the beginning and Jeff suggested a wiki. 

What do people think?


  1. Jeff and Zak are great suggestions -- maybe we could try to impose upon James Maliszewski as well -- he is our "Pope"!

  2. As long as Craig Revel-Horwood isn't one of the judges, I think that this is a splendid idea.

    The suggested names seem fine to me; anyone else we could rope in?

  3. Why not run the selection process as a poll and have an open vote from anyone who cares? I'd prefer that to having a few of the "big names" judge it, as capable as they are. I think an open vote would be more in the spirit of the community-originated DIY collective wiki.

  4. +1 to the open vote, for exactly the same reasons.

  5. Ask and ye shall receive!

  6. I'm with Endra. Do it as a poll. Big or small, we're all in this together :)

  7. My suggestion, inspired by your own avatar: