Friday, 10 June 2011

Highlighting a Link to Wisdom: Daddy Grognard on Curses!

Sporadically I want to just plum the depths of the 450+ links now in the House Rule wiki, set up only a few short months ago.

Cue voice over:  
Please remember and then follow in order the following four instructions.
Number 1, Click on the image below saying Links to Wisdom OSR House Rules Wiki (the one with a temple).
Number 2, In the Table of Contents click on Spells.
Number 3, Look toward the bottom to the Other heading and Click on Daddy Grognard: Curses!
Number 4, Enjoy.

This is a really great post. I discovered it through the wiki, and it's what to me the wiki is all about, stopping the continual dribble of good stuff into the the cybervoid.

If you read yesterdays post you'll know I am a fan of the Tolkien Professor.

He talks about the power of curses. Podcast 15th April 2010

Faramir curses Golem, 'May death find you swiftly... if you do not well serve him' And Sam invokes the curse when trapped in Shelob's lair. 'May the curse of Faramir bite that Golem and bite him quick'
And it does.

Not to mention Isildur curses a whole army into a state of undead until they fulfil a broken vow that Aragorn one day releases them from.

Curses area part of the fantasy mythology, indeed they are medieval history. Well done Daddy Grognard on opening their door.


  1. Tomorrow night Cursed Swords: A Retrospective and New House Rule

  2. Damn, read half the Cursed Swords article, then foolishly allowed the laptop to do some updating.

    I suppose tomorrow will be alright ;p

  3. Thanks for that, JP. I'm glad that Links to Wisdom is rescuing not just my posts but other great stuff as well. 450+ links is absolutely phenomenal and shows what a powerful tool we have created between us all.

  4. @ Antion - sorry about that, accidentally posted for tonight when I meant for tomorrow. Hope the wait is worth it but I wanted to let tonights post have it's one day out there in the blogosphere, first.

    @ Daddy Grognard. You are very welcome. I think waving the Links to Wisdom flag every now and then will keep it in peoples minds. Not to mention I did indeed stumble on your post in the wiki, and it is excellent. Hope it gets you some hits.

  5. @ Antion And welcome to Old School blogging Antion. I'll add you top my list.