Thursday, 13 January 2011

Help my next posts - complete my poll.

I want to finish up my series of posts regarding "An ability score of 3 is unplayable" but would like a few more people to complete my poll to the right on what they think Raistlin's constitution score is (no cheating).

I also want to post, some time in the not too distant future, on numbers of henchmen (AD&D) or retainers (B/X and BECMI) or 'unusual hirelings' (OD&D). Please complete that poll as well, also found at the right.

Finally in this business post - I want to welcome Greg Christopher and John L. Williams of as followers.

Thank you for joining this minnow of an OSR blog.


  1. Done! I haven't read Dragonlance since I was a kid, but I vaguely remember Raistlin as being a sickly wizard, right? I guessed 5. I said 5 for both items, actually.

  2. Hey thanks Cyclopeatron - you were my first ever follower, which was a kindness this OSR minnow was very grateful for.

  3. I went with 15+ for henchmen because we had one campaign where our low level character were leading a small army.

    Rastlin I guessed 5. Like cyclopeatron I haven't read the books since they were first released. So that was forever ago.

  4. I'd jump in but I never read Dragonlance.

    For the Henchman poll, are you making a distinction vs hirelings? And also, do charmed beings or familiars count?

  5. Henchmen and retainers as per the rules for maximum allowed and their loyalty being determined by the character's charisma. Soldiers and specialists (sages and armorers) are not included as per the rules in B/X, AD&D and OD&D.

    Thanks everyone

  6. Yeah, sorry, never read Dragonlance. Took the hireling poll though.

  7. I think about six was the most henchmen we ever had operating with a party at one time, which would be about the same as the number of player characters on that occasion.

    For Raistlin I guessed "6".

  8. But three would be the most I have seen for a single character.

  9. I chose 1 because I generally do not allow henchmen. I know, I am wierd. I just prefer people to do their own adventuring. :)

    And hello to you too