Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wilderness Travel System

 Anthony and Alexis keep getting better and better on this topic.

I want to record a few ideas, more for my benefit than theirs. Or yours.

Alexis is right that one shouldn't be penalised twice for topography (slow travel) since that is already accounted for in movement rate. 
Additionally roads and trails provide the benefit of improved movement rate so, why should they have an additional effect.

Yet clearly some terrains are riskier than others as are some weather types.

What I am working on is:

Wildernerness Travel Risk

Terrain Risk Weather Risk
Minimal Risk 0 Minimal Risk 0
Moderate Risk 1 Moderate Risk 1
High Risk 2 High Risk 2
Lethal 3 Lethal 3

The numbers are a guide rather than part of a formula at present.

I envisage some random tables for each that are modified by the topography (desert) or season (winter) but would allow for warm easy walking in the middle of winter, and a day of more open forest in a hex that just says forest.

Additionally players must be able to choose different daily routes through the terrain and have real choice. Perhaps a few options need to be determined for the player to choose their direction.

DM: You could head north toward your destination but that is through dense and dark forest (moderate risk) or you could head north east where it is less overgrown (minimal risk)"

Alternatively the system could have a set damage per day of forest travel but what is determined each day is the distance travelled that day. Today was hard you only got half as far as you wished.

Plains 0
Forest 1
Swamp 3
Mountain, high 3
Mountain, low 2
Hill 1
Desert 3

Randomly determine
Desert Table (2d6)
2        Frequent falls and scorching sun, travel 1/3 predicted
3-4       Hot damn hot, travel 1/2 predicted
5-6       It's hot, travel 2/3 predicted
7           No obstruction to travel
8-9       Hilly sand dunes - 25% travelled
10-11   A cooler day, the god be praised, 
12       Clear firm route than predicted, travel extra 50%

Or 1d30 with bonuses / penalties depending on season and reputation (Sahara vs some smaller desert)

Damage would be modified by

Knowledge (choose all that apply)
Familiar risk -2
Guide -2

Half speed -1
Forced March 2
Mounted -2

No water 4
No food 2
Half Rations 1
Sufficient 0
Excellent gear -1
Suitable gear 0
Poor gear 1

Night Shelter
Structure -2
Natural 0
Camp 1
None 2


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