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Broad Jumping Rules for the Old School Adventure Guide - Back again after blogger crash


Running Broad Jump (in feet) = Level + Strength Bonus + Dexterity Bonus + 2d6 (requires a 20' running start)

Standing Broad Jump (in feet) = (Level + Strength Bonus + Dexterity Bonus + 2d6) / 2

Height modifiers
- 1' jump for every foot smaller than man size (6')
+ 1' jump for every foot larger than man size (6')

Encumbrance Modifiers
Multiply the Jump Distance in feet by (current movement rate / unencumbered standard movement rate)
eg A human character when fully armoured and carrying treasure has been reduced to a movement rate of 60' per turn compared to their usual unencumbered movement rate of 120' per turn. 60/120 = 0.5. Jump distance is halved.
eg Whilst wearing Boots of Speed (double movement rate to 240'), jump distance is doubled.

If a character is attempting to jump over a gap, where failure would result in a damaging fall, if the character is within 2' of the required distance they may make a save verse paralysis to successfully grab hold of the ledge and prevent their fall. Every round thereafter the character must attempt an open doors roll (1-2 on a d6 modified by strength bonus). Success equals they can climb out of the hole, failure equals they are still holding for their life unless an unmodified 6 is rolled which indicates the character has lost their grip and fallen.

Optional additions
Class modifier
Thieves roll 3d4 instead of 2d6
Magic Users roll 1d12 instead of 2d6

If a less fantastic game setting is desired, where characters can not leap from building to building (think Crouching Tigers), jumping level bonus does not exceed name level.
Design Notes
These rules came out of my posts, J is for Jumping and Brainstorming Rules for Broad Jumping with Richard and David.

Comparing to Unearthed Arcana Rules
"Non-thief acrobats can perform a standing broad jump of up to 4' in distance and a running broad jump up to 8'.
Best for thief acrobat at level 23
Standing jump 12'
Running jump 22'

Strength adjustment
Str 17 1/4'
Str 18 1/2'
Str 16 1/2'
Str 17 1'
Str 18 2'

Comparing the above new proposed rules to the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
DSG: Level 1-6: Running Jumping 1d4+5' (6-9'); standing 1d4+1' (2-5')
Proposed rules with Level 1 character having a 13 in Str (+1) and Dex (+1): Running Jumping 1+1+1 +2d6 (5-13'); standing (1+1+1 +2d6)/2 (2.5 - 6.5)
Proposed rules with Level 6 character having a 13 in Str (+1) and Dex (+1): Running Jumping 6+1+1 +2d6 (10-20'); standing (6+1+1 +2d6)/2 (5 - 10')

Conclusion: A typical 10' pit cannot be jumped using the DSG rules for levels 1-6. I think this is disappointing.
Real life: Under 13 girls long/broad jump record = 16 feet. So even 13 year old girls jump further than heroic fantasy warriors.

DSG: Level 23 (maximum given in the DSG): Running Jumping 1d6+15' (16-21'); standing 1d6+6' (7-12')
Acrobat (Unearthed Arcana, Level 23, Strength 18): Running Jumping 24', Standing Jump 12.5'.
Proposed rules with Level 23 character having a 13 in Str (+1) and Dex (+1): Running Jumping 23+1+1 +2d6 (27-37'); standing (23+1+1 +2d6)/2 (13.5 - 18.5')
Proposed rules with Level 23 character having a 13 in Str (+1) and Dex (+1) (but using optional rule - Jumping level bonus does not exceed name level)Running Jumping 9+1+1 +2d6 (13-23'); standing (9+1+1 +2d6)/2 (6.5 - 11.5')

Real life
Running Jump 29' is the world record, greater than 26' very good.
Standing Jump range 5 (female worst) to 12.3 feet (male best) see here.

23 level characters (as if) in the DSG and the Unearthed Arcana acrobat, still fall quite short (pun), of human endeavour. This is disappointing.
Proposed rules: with a high strength and dexterity character but with a name level maximum for jumping bonus,the best of human endeavour is approached. With no name level maximum jumping bonus, human endeavour is exceeded and characters with super-human abilities are allowed.

Magic Boots as given in Cyclopedia: 
Boots of Speed: The wearer may move as fast as a riding horse (240' [80']) for 12 hours, after which the wearer must rest for one full day.
Boots of Traveling and Leaping: The wearer needs no rest during normal movement. The wearer may also make mighty jumps, to a maximum height of 10' and a maximum length of 30'.

Okay, back again after blogger crash. The above was a repost.

Maybe the mechanic I am looking for isn't in the above. Yes I know, I made you read all of the above first.

Breath holding rule
A character can hold their breath in B/X rounds (10 seconds) = Constitution + level + d6
(That d6 is a new addition, adding that random element)

Maybe this is the mechanic we need for the Old School Adventure Guide: not an ability check but raw ability score + level + a random die/dice

Long Jumping
Distance in feet = Strength + Level + d6

Level 1   13 STR = 15-20
level 10 13 STR = 24-29 (as in world record can be reached at Level 10 if 13 Str)

STR 18
Level 1 = 20-25
level 10= 29-35
level 5= 24-29 (as in world record can be reached at Level 5 if 18 Str)

Thieves could use Dexterity instead of Strength if desired

Standing Jump = Long jump / 2

Real life is about 12' about max

Thoughts on jumping?
Thoughts on the mechanic?

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