Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Guess what arrived in the mail today.

What I never expected was that Vornheim is a small hardcover book.

I have had the pdf for a few weeks now - I haven't read it.

This just begs to be read.

I love physical books. Oh I know - get with the times, you can't use Find on a physical book. That is why a 'free' pdf with every physical book is a must.

The last time I was this excited was my 10 year wedding anniversary weekend away and I...

read Death Frost Doom and Hammers of the God. Both physical books.

Nearly as exciting as....

receiving B/X Companion.

Raggi and Zak S, please take a bow.


  1. Physical books rule! I cannot wait to get mine!

  2. Just got mine last night. Really, the PDF doesn't do it justice. There are some really, really great ideas in there.

  3. Got mine Saturday! The only time I settled for a LotFP pdf was when Mr. Raggi had that $1.34 sale, or whatever it was. Couldn't resist. Otherwise, I insist on print because I know he's gonna bust his ass to make a quality product.

  4. Love real books, too. Glad you got a good one.

  5. I'm the opposite, I love my Nook. I can whip it out, and politely ignore all the things that make me ill...the big man picking his nose, the hair in my husband's ear, the young lady chatting incessantly on her iphone...and still get my drink without looking rude.

    Glad to find ya.

  6. Ah, those whippersnappers complaining about physical books not having a Find feature; perhaps they're forgetting that thing at the back called the "Index"...