Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Halfling Level Titles

I know I haven't been posting much recently - but I am reading from you all as much as always. Work pressure is high and actually word output / day is unchanged - just one I get paid for.

Anyway as some poor sop to you my loyal followers - who I am so really really pleased have allowed me to go up a level - check it out 80 followers - that makes me a Maven. Thank you one and all.

So, from my DM screen (see my Stuff in the links above and to the right) I wrote these level titles for B/X halflings. Basically because in B/X, apart from Level 8 Sheriff, they are all exactly the same as Fighter Level Titles except they have Halfling before the title eg Level 2 Halfling Warrior instead of Warrior.
This is very lame.

What I tried to do was capture the wander lust of halflings that gradually as the years go by, draws them back home to the 'Shire' (Trade Mark)

B/X Halfling Level Titles

Level 1 - Rambler
Level 2 - Tall Walker
Level 3 - Explorer
Level 4 - Tourist
Level 5 - Wanderer
Level 6 - Traipser
Level 7 - Homecomer
Level 8 - Sheriff

And if you wish to read Ark's Tale of the Halfling Gardener click on the image to see and read more about it:

And I just love this halfling from Kazuz (click image for more)!


  1. Love the level titles - well done!

  2. I really love those level titles. I'm curious why Traipser was put at level 6 though?

    Google says...

    Verb: Walk or move wearily or reluctantly.
    Noun: A tedious or tiring journey on foot.

    The word evokes a sort of aimless tediousness to my mind. With the negative connotation I think I would place it much lower, like level 1. Should I be thinking of "traipse" differently?

    Anyhow, great work. I might rearrange the order a bit, but I'll definitely be using these titles.

  3. @ Matt - glad you like

    @ Quibish - ahh, Traipser is there in that spot for the very reason you define.

    The halfling starts one day on a ramble and he is so pleased he becomes a tall walker, striding forward, he starts to really get into it and begins to explore the world, and touring all its best spots, but then he finds he has less purpose and he wanders from place to place growing increasingly weary and finds he is but traipsing along now, the new sights and sounds bring little joy like once they did, his thoughts more often than not turn to home, and home-coming, he returns and takes on the noble title of Sheriff.

    So though you may disagree, for me traipser is perfectly placed.
    MIght have helped if I said this from the beginning!

  4. Woohoo! Up another level. Go you. Rah.

  5. @ Jovial Priest

    Ah! Traipser represents a time of transition when the little guys walk off their wanderlust and eventually long to return home. That's just lovely, and it makes perfect sense to me now. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. Awesome level titles! And you reproduced my halfling post? Did I miss something?

    - Ark

  7. Sorry Ark, I was very tired when I posted - lot's of errors and poorly worded sections - corrected above.