Sunday, 24 July 2011

Elven Level Titles

In for a penny in for a pound - as they say in my adopted country.

Halflings, dwarves and now I present my elves.

Level 1 - Elven Sprite
Level 2 - Elven Nymph
Level 3 - Scout
Level 4 - Treekeeper
Level 5 - Forester
Level 6 - Faerie
Level 7 - Seelie
Level 8 - Fae Hunter
Level 9 - Elven Lord

The general theme is one of a carefree flighty elf, taking on greater and greater responsibility.


  1. Pretty cool list, but I still like your Halfling titles best.

    I usually count elves separate from (but allied with) the Fae. I'd probably like this list a lot more if I had always run Elves as a Fae bloodline.

    Anyhow, thanks for putting these lists together.

  2. @Quibish - I like my halfling titles best as well. All run the risk of being too campaign specific but current B/X elven clevel titles are just the combined fighter and magic-user titles - this takes away the separateness of Demi-humans and undermines any race as class arguements. It's why I made up these demihuman titles in the 1st place.

  3. I've always liked the idea that elves pose as lords and ladies to make interaction with humans easier: they know humans are hierarchical, so they put on ranks to make the humans comfortable, and high ones to make them suitably malleable.

  4. Hey Richard, glad you dropped by.

  5. 2 days until dissertation defense, then 3 more weeks of frantic editing (I expect): after that I'll be back to blogging...