Friday, 22 July 2011

Dwarven Level Titles

Following up from my last post here are some B/X Dwarven Level Titles.

Warhammer inspiration can't be denied.

Level 1 - Shield Bearer
Level 2 - Hammerer
Level 3 - Shortbeard
Level 4 - Stalwart
Level 5 - Master Dwarf
Level 6 - Shield Captain
Level 7 - Companion
Level 8 - Longbeard
Level 9 - Dwarven Lord

I wonder what Level Peter Jackson's dwarves are - very few longbeards from what we have seen.


  1. "shortbeard" sounds a little insulting and underwhelming for 3rd level.

  2. Actually JD - I officially change the order

    1 - Shortbeard (until you prove yourself)
    2 - Shield Bearer
    3 - Hammerer (a worthy 3rd level accolade)

  3. Your Halfling level titles are cooler than these. I don't really mean to be critical, I'm just giving you some feedback. Those titles for the smallfolk are a hard act to follow.

    Longbeard is my favorite in this list.
    Titles that mention gear are my least favorite.

  4. Awesome! My google-fu brought me here and this is just what I was looking for. Bye-bye "Dwarven Swashbuckler" and other such nonsense!