Friday, 30 December 2011

Here we go again - tinkering with combat

Yes I know it has all been done before, and you won't see anything not been blogged before by others, but with a new year pending I just can't stop myself.


Part 1:
Dexterity as evade score, shields modify evade score, helmet rules, armor reduces damage (not to hit probability)...

To hit an opponent
To hit an opponent roll a d20 (+ any modifiers) equal to or above an opponents evade score.
Dexterity bonus applies ‘to hit’ (melee and missile)
[Conversion from descending AC for most monsters: Evade score = 19 – AC]

To avoid being hit by an opponent
Evade score                               = Dexterity Score
Small Shield (150cn enc)           = +1 evade vs 1 attack
Large Shield (300cn enc)           = +1 evade vs 2 attacks

Strength bonus applies to damage from melee, thrown weapons, bows (not crossbows) etc

Armor Class
Damage reduction per die
Leather & padded hood
-1 damage per die

Chain & coif/helmet 
-2 damage per die

Platemail & helmet
-3 damage per die

Great Helm  
Additional -1 damage, surprised on a 1-3

A successful hit will always deal a minimum of 1 damage per die.
If head protection is not worn, armor will not reduce the damage of a 2nd successful attack that round.

Monster List for Labyrinth Lord demonstrates damage reduction not hard to apply to the majority of monster attacks. e.g. 2d8 damage and leather armor would reduce each d8 by 1 (minimum of 1 damage per die)


  1. Using dex as a difficulty class for being hit is elegant and realistic, but it makes dex really, really important. Every point of dex, even in the average range, is worth an entire point of AC. Any mechanic that focuses on an ability score so directly will be ripe for optimization and min/maxing.

    If you are going to go this route, you might want to bring in other scores as well. Perhaps HP = con?

  2. Great point about overpowering dexterity.

    How about each class has a base starting evade score.

    Magic user = 10
    Specialist / thief = 11
    Cleric = 12
    Fighter = 14

    Dexterity bonus applies. -3 to +3
    And there are ways to increase evade with level advancement.