Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A high honour

Today Tim at Gothridge Manor endowed me with:

I am very very chuffed.

I have even gained new followers.

Tim's  wife, The Happy Whisk was my last new follower before the award - maybe she twisted hubbies arm...

In only a few hours since the award I can welcome 3 new followers
Arkhein at Rather Gamey a previous winner

Thanks Tim for the award - don't underestimate the boost it gives minnow blogs and the powerful dose of renewed enthusiasm.


  1. Twist his arm? Me? Do you know how big he is? I'm just a little thing. However, I do have the power to withhold food. Much congrats to you. Keep up the great work and have fun.

  2. Though in all seriousness, I did know he was giving you the award. But he did it because he enjoys your blog, not because I wouldn't let him have his supper. Or his ice cream.

    Keep up the fantastic job. Happy Blogging.

  3. Question for you. Do you know what Valis's blog page is? He joined my blog long ago and I still haven't been able to locate his page.

  4. Sorry don't know. Valis you reading?

  5. Much thanks anyway. Hello Valis. If you are there, I'd love to find your blog.

    Well ... time to do more housework and get supper rolling. Have a yummy day, Jovial.

  6. Congratulations on the award! I have to say though that I actually started following your blog before I saw you got the award, by maybe 10 minutes. I saw somebody referring to a post you had written about the silver standard and came over to check you out.

  7. You are very welcome and its well deserved. I've liked your blog for a while now and its one I seek out in my roll to see whats going on over in your corner. I hope it brings you more followers. Keep up the great blogging.