Wednesday, 2 March 2011

D&D and being OUT

Cyclopeatron has a wonderful post about the secret double lives D&D players find themselves in. To be out or in the closest, that is the question. No question really - closet.
The similarity with homosexuality is something very confronting. If I struggle to come out about a game/hobby I enjoy, how much harder is it for someone to come really out in something which sadly still matters in society. Maybe we need t-shirts for our mothers' to wear saying "I love my D&D son." or "OSR and proud"

Maybe not.

It did make me seek out an article I read in 2008, while I was collecting old modules off eBay but yet to discover the OSR. The article was by the UK Conservative MP the Right Honourable Michael Gove and he outed himself (D&D variety out).
You can read his outing in the Times Newspaper at:
And see his mug shot:
He is still in parliament, which must mean that OSR voters make up a large part of his constituency... I wish him the very best. Maybe you reading now Michael. Well done - you are a braver man than me.


  1. I love Michael Gove's last line to his article.

    "The founder of D & D may have been laid to rest, but his geeks have inherited the Earth."

    This should have been on EGG's tombstone. What an epitaph.

  2. What's to be embarrassed about? It's fun stuff and those who don't understand that, may never. I say, who cares and HAVE FUN.

  3. Happy Whisk, you are a better woman than I am...

    Tell hubby Tim 'Knowledge Illuminates' was cool.