Friday, 3 August 2012

Waterborne Adventures 
: Random Events and Monsters Tool

One of my projects, long on hold was the creation of the Old School Adventure Guide.
Re-inspired by JB which allowed me to find Jeff's eXPloration 2009 post (my vote is for 100-600 XP per wilderness hex explored, shared by the party), and having abandoned any HP loss for overland travel mechanic, here's something to add into the mix. 

And don't forget, everyone likes choosing cards. Blanks left for you to suggest and if you like blanks, you will find many more, in fact mostly blank, in the OS Adventure Guide. Join the project.

Waterborne Adventures 

Random Events and Monsters Tool
Daily roll 1d6, on a 1-2 get the players to draw a card…

54 Deck of Cards (2 Jokers)

♥ = Relational

♦ = Situational

♣ = Confrontational

♠ = Environmental

Joker = Draw 2 more cards and ‘somehow’ link them.

♥ = Relational

2♥ = one of the crew or passengers has a secret (traitor, spy, monster)

3♥ = one of the crew is to be punished for a minor offence (the punishment will be severe)

4♥ = trouble with the natives (at the next shore stop, the crew cause trouble or are accused of trouble)

5♥ = there is a thief onboard

6♥= betrayal (you will be betrayed)

7♥ = raucous rum filled party (join in or try and stop the fun)

8♥ = learn some wisdom (new song, new tale, new rumour)

9♥ = Contraband is in the hull

J♥= duel (after an argument on board, one of the players is challenged to a duel)

Q♥= one of the male crew or passengers is a she not a he

K♥ = mutiny on the high seas

A♥= one of the crew or passengers has formed a deep attachment to one of the players)

♦ = Situational

2♦= one of the crew / passengers has disappeared

3♦ = food / water spoilage 

4♦= slavers ahead

5♦= strange force at work disables all magnets AND Magic

6♦ = merchants on the seas

7♦= a strange darkness

8♦= buccaneers ahead

9♦= lost

10♦= the map is damaged / a fake / or just plain wrong

J♦= the stars seem different tonight




♣ = Confrontational

2♣= Whale

3♣= Termite, Water

4♣ = Snake, Sea

5♣ = Shark

6♣ = Serpent, Sea

7♣= Sea Dragon

8♣ Squid, Giant

9♣ = Hydra, Sea

10♣= Octopus, Giant

J♣ = Ahoy, it be pirates

Q♣ = Mermaids (and maybe Mermen)

K♣ = Dragon (flying)

A♣= Dragon Turtle

♠ = Spades (Environmental)

2♠= Becalmed for 1d6days

3♠= Extreme light breeze for 1d6 days (movement reduced to ⅓)

4♠ = Light breeze for 1d6 days (movement reduced to ½)

5♠ = Strong breeze for 1d6 days (movement increased by ⅓)

6♠ = Good winds for 1d6 days (movement increased by ½)

7♠= High winds for 1d6 days (double movement rate but lose 1d10 hull points)

8♠= Gale (triple movement rate but in a random direction and lose 2d10 hull points)

9♠ = 

J♠ = 

Q♠= Iceberg 

K♠= Tidal Wave

A♠= Maelstrom with/without Whirlpool 

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