Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Links to Wisdom: Alive and 560 links kicking!

I know there have been some concerns about the demise of some OSR blogs. My own blog posting has fallen to zilch.

Blame no gaming group, work, family, Civilization 5, my fantasy novel opus, Civilization 5...

Whatever the case, Links to Wisdom is still going strong.

Just look below at the number of links to the contents below

Now I haven't checked every link but probably have checked more than 200. Of the links I have checked only one closed blog (sadly Axe and Hammer) and one link that needed fixing. That's not bad.

So provided Alex Schoeder isn't going anywhere (don't go anywhere Alex) the Links to Wisdom wiki is strong and here to stay. It's for everyone who wants to help preserve some of the memory of the OSR blogosphere. Feel free to add to it at anytime.


  1. One of is not the best resource around. Keep up the amazing effort JP.

  2. Yes have to agree with Tim. Glad that the project has been rolling along, invaluable to all of us.

  3. Thanks guys but the real credit has to go to Alex and his wiki site; and everyone who keeps linking posts and keeping the site alive. Viva the OSR.

  4. New discovery - Check out Alex's and Gavin's monster wiki linked into Links to Wisdom monsters bestiary - now that's worth blogging about!

  5. Yeah, we've been working on the Old School Monsters in the background. :)

    As for backups: If you have the necessary know-how, you can easily make a backup of the site. It does need some command line tools, though.