Thursday, 9 June 2011

My recommendations for good nights at home, not those sort of nights...

Evening 1
An evening with JB from B/X Blackrazor
The Save or Die Podcast is excellent, and reminded me I need to dig out my B/X Companion again and savour.
Download as well from iTunes 23rd May Podcast

Evening 2 - 100 (this is more like a 3 months of nights rather than one)
I know the Old School like to diss Tolkien, but if you want to rediscover his pure genius by an enthusiastic and contagious academic: look no further than the iTune series from Corey Olsen the Tolkien Professor. I'm about half way through.
iTunes have them all
Check out the first podcast lecture 'How to Read Tolkien and Why' to understand the human desire for fantasy world building and know you are living the dream. He also took me through The Silmarillion and made it fun.

Evening 2a (to be interspersed with Evenings 2-100)
And if Peter Jackson's Tolkien interpretations are your thing (and they certainly are mine, except where he wrecks the ending and leaves me flat but at least he is no George Lucas) then follow Peter Jackson on Facebook as he films the Hobbit.

Evening 101-115
To those who might understand British humour, check out the TV series Spaced.
Watching the main character dressed as Luke Skywalker brandishing a burning torch and coming toward a pyre, whereupon he burns his George Lucas merchandise in protest against the Phantom Menace, is priceless.

Warning to US viewers - the main actor and actress are neither beautiful or even likeable - they are procrastinating, no-hopers; sublime British humour at it's best.

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