Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A thank you and a DM screen announcement

Thank you - I've got two followers.

The first came after a shameless attempt of self-aggrandisement, when I asked Cyclopeatron if he would consider a category of zero follower rankings for his OSR blog roll of honour under the heading 'Be the First'. Instead, he kindly and unexpectedly became a follower of my blog. 

The second was Carter Soles of The Lands of Ara after I commended him for buying B/X Blackrazor's B/X Companion. He is also the first person to leave a comment on my blog. Even kinder, for me anyway, he has linked me into his Blog List. Hooray.

DM screen announcement 
I am fully aware that the more I house rule, see my recent posts, the further I deviate from pure B/X D&D. Whilst I am proud of my DM screen, see My Stuff, and I provide a sans-picture version as a doc file for easy manipulation, I am aware that it will soon be a screen that only I can use. The same goes with my character sheets.

My plan therefore is to make a pure B/X screen and character sheets, incorporating B/X Companion, with maybe a touch of Mentzer (the more extensive item encumbrance list for example) to stand alone. Additionally I will provide my extensive house ruled Jovial Priest version of DM screen and character sheets incorporating: Inspiration, Intuition, Intelligence gives XP, non-aligned, natural 20 and 1 rule, Templars etc etc. It is this house ruled version I intend to use in my KotB campaign - since my players have so little D&D experience they won't know the difference. Hoping to kick KotB off in February.

These changes to my DM screen and character sheets might take some time... stay tuned.

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  1. Blogrolling you is my pleasure, I like your style. I also look forward to your B/X DM's screen!